Millburn New Jersey Guardianship Lawyers

When elderly or disabled people reach a point where they can no longer manage their affairs, a guardianship is an effective legal means for protecting them. At the law office of Posner & Kramer, our attorneys assist clients in establishing a guardianship for an elderly or disabled loved one. Depending on the circumstances, a medical examination or a psychiatric evaluation may be required in order to convince the court a person is no longer competent or able to order their own affairs. Our lawyers can help you determine if a medical or psychiatric examination is needed, while preparing all necessary paperwork and financial information. In cases that require locating investments and bank accounts, our office works with forensic accounts, tax experts, and financial planners in order to determine the financial situation of people afflicted with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Take legal action before financial mismanagement creates a crisis - contact elder law attorneys  at Posner & Kramer today to learn more about establishing a guardianship to protect your loved one.

Issues Surrounding Guardianships

The law office of Posner & Kramer counsels and represents clients in regard to the following issues related to guardianships:

  • Guardianship Proceedings
  • Powers of attorney
  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Undue influence
  • Competency
  • Will Contests
  • Special Medical Guardianships
  • Appointment of conservator

Understanding the Financial and Legal Implications of Guardianships

There are a number of financial and legal issues that must be considered when establishing a guardianship. Our attorneys explain what is required of you, as well as what must be done when filing a tax return. As a fiduciary, you may also want to consider certain estate planning options in order to protect more of your loved one's assets should they need Medicaid at some point in the future. We can explain the options available to you and determine how best to reallocate assets, establish trusts, and transfer home titles if necessary.




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